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This annual event is put on by the council of motor clubs. This year there were 1900 cars on display, from some 150 different car clubs across the country. Some owners drive hundreds of miles to attend this event; this shows how popular this event has become. The weather was fine and the car’s started to arrive and they were positioned in their pre arranged area. There were cars, trucks, utes, double-decker buses, fire engines as far as the eye could see, all looking immaculate, what a sight.

Our club, the Hudson AMC Car club of Australia Inc always hire one of the many garages, for the comfort of our members. This is great, whatever the weather, out of the wind or rain or whatever. We have a powered site, so it is not too long before the jug is on, chairs and tables set up and we are right for the rest of the day, where you can come and go as you please.

We had a slight problem this year, as the area we were given was nowhere near big enough for us to park all our cars. As luck had it, Karen Fripp had entered her car in the concourse, so that gave us one extra spot. Then we had to park two cars inside the garage, which made it a little tight to move around. I have spoken to the organisers and requested more space for our cars for next year. Most of our cars are also fitted with arm strong steering; this is obvious when you see them trying to get into their parking spots. Big cars, not much room.

During the day, you meet up with people you have known through the old car movement for years. Many people wandering along looking and asking questions about the cars. All of the garages were booked out this year with a variety of venders selling their wares, be it, model cars, maguiar polishes, car hoists, you name it, it was there.

Unfortunately, Karen did not do any good in the concourse, but, hey, what an experience just to be able to see your car sitting there with all the others, cars such as Jaguar, Lincoln etc etc. Well done Karen, thanks for representing the Hudson AMC car club of Aust Inc.

As you can see, not a bad roll up from our club, thanks to all who attended. The event is a ticket only event, so we have to pre- arrange the sale of tickets well before the event. It was great to catch up with Jeff and Margaret Clark from New Zealand who just happened to be here on holidays. They were amazed at the size of the event; we hope they enjoyed our Sydney hospitality.                                             

Story by Les Pendlebury (Secretary/Events)


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