Parkes Elvis Festival…IT WAS HOT !!!

Parkes is a small city 3 hrs west of Sydney New South Wales, and every year they hold an Elvis Festival, with special Elvis trains traveling from Sydney...the town ROCKS!!!

A good turn out of members went to the Parkes Elvis Festival, although only two cars made it! …Both Ramblers by the way! 

Making the trip were: 
Tony and Wendy, Carole & Michael, Colleen & Michael, Fred & Gerry, Glenn & Dianne, Alan & Chris and Greg & Elizabeth.

Friday night there was a free concert in the park and there must have been a couple of thousand people enjoying the show and the markets. It was a beautiful night.

Elvis Parade.

Michael and Carole and Colleen & Mick traveled in "Doc" the '64 Classic in the parade on the Saturday morning and Glenn & Dianne in the Flamin' Classic were accompanied by Tony, Fred and Alan in their Viva Las Vegas shirts (dice and flames) looking like lairy secret service agents walking alongside the car and encouraging Glenn to rev it loudly and often. Those twin pipes make quite a racket!. Wendy and Gerry boogied along behind the car in their 50's outfits and got quite a lot of the attention I think. The crowd went wild about the shirts and the cars and we all made quite an impact. It was a brilliant experience. It was reported to be 42 degrees during the parade and certainly felt like it.

Doc Parading!

The Flaming Crew!

The "Flamer" & Crew in the parade

After the parade, the cars were displayed for the rest of the day and drew plenty of attention and compliments, and so did the 50's Chicky Babes too!


Saturday night we all went to a concert at the Services Club, and saw a very good Elvis show which included Buddy Holly, Dean Martin, Tom Jones and a very rude Austin Powers! On Sunday morning we attended a Gospel Service under Woolworth's in the car park, very nice but rather hot. Sunday afternoon another Elvis concert even better than the first!

Ready to parade!

Something familiar about this statue of Sir Henry Parkes?

Three of the 50's Girls

In the spirit of Viva Las Vegas!

One thing to do if you want to go, is book early! Glenn & Dianne had to stay at Forbes, a 30 minute drive away, and they did it six times over the weekend in 40 degree temperature…thank goodness for the twin air conditioners!!!…both front windows down!

It was worth it, a very friendly town, a great event and wonderful hosts, no wonder Alan and Chris live there.