President's Weekend 2010

Well, this year El Presidente decided to broaden our horizons with a trip to Port Macquarie for the 2010 President's Weekend…certainly different to last year at Katoomba. The intention was to enjoy a good run up to Port and allow our Northern members more chance to join in with a Club event. They did too.

On Friday we had some early arrivals, because when the Longbottom's got there at lunch time, some Queenslanders were already ensconced and quickly introduced themselves and of course a few drinks were enjoyed at the invitation of the President of the Queensland Club, Spencer Yarrow. The Queenslanders took off to have a look at the Tomato and Strawberry farm over the river that afternoon.

The Haynes, Wheeler convoy paused to admire the countryside around Bulahdelah… for several hours… on the way and finally arrived along with the Atkinson's that afternoon. We enjoyed dinner at a local bowling club and much chat and socialising was enjoyed.

Saturday morning saw many more arrivals and we set off for a visit to the Timbertown site at Wauchope, a very nice cruise it was too. After much posing outside Timbertown, we ambled in and had morning tea…which sounds mild enough, but does not describe the amazing scones we had. There were platters of the buggers! Crisp on the outside and steaming and soft inside…yum!

Lots of machinery was discussed  on this visit with a steam driven timber mill, horse pulled coach, some vintage and classic cars and trucks and of course the amazing bullock team demonstration.

Morning Tea.

Some people had a rest on an unusual seat…

We took off from there to a winery for a bit of tasting (some gulping!) and returned to the motel to prepare for the AGM.
The AGM was well planned and conducted and fairly brief event despite the… er   comedians and hecklers, a bearded one and a twin pair! After the AGM we all spruced up and went on a dinner cruise. This was a wonderful way to top off the day, with the cruise boat stopping at a pier along the river to pick up our fish and chips dinner. Some bums got a bit wet once from acceleration.
One absolutely amazing sight was the millions of fruit bats flying over the area, a non stop stream for hours.

Sunday morning we took a ride down the coast via Laurieton and called in to visit Clive Gibson at his home. What a great drive and a wonderful thing to participate in that visit. We rolled back up the coast road back to Port Macquarie and had a look around town.

Monday morning saw a fair bit of tweaking and "hubbing" (To Hub is described as 'Head Under Bonnet)  going on of course and after some photo sessions we farewelled each other and headed off. If you want a weekend in the area, you could not go past our motel, The Aquatic on Hastings River Road. It was very, very comfortable and most scenic. A short walk to clubs and some restaurants, especially a coffee shop/breakfast place over the water nearby.

Some Tweakers obviously discussing the intricacies of camshafts.

Bugger! Where's that Wally Lewis poster?

Thanks to all the following people for making a great President's Weekend a hit for us all and to Tony and Wendy for organising it.
Charlie & Lena Agius & Kerry & son - Tony & Wendy Atkinson - Keith Cubbin - Mick & Colleen Haynes - Mick (& son) Hawville - Kevin & Daphne Hickling Patrick & John Killalea - Glenn & Dianne Longbottom - Col & Betty Smith Les & Helen Pendlebury - Alan & Bronwyn Walker - Michael & Carole Wheeler Bob & Jocelyn Williams - Spencer & Wendy Yarrow Harry & Joy Moreland - Roy & Helen Gillespie - Bob & Sue Ward

Wendy saw her first ever dolphin!