The President's Weekend Run
Katoomba, Blue Mountains New South Wales.
March 6 to 8th 2009

This was a wonderful weekend in a delightful setting. A good turn out of members and their cars, although a few of the "older" vehicles stayed home after considering the long climb from the Sydney Basin up to the Blue Mountain's rarified air.

We stayed at the Skyrider Motel on the western side of Katoomba on that famous right angle bend of the old Great Western Highway. This was a great little motel where we were treated extremely well by the hosts. 

We had a few quiet drinks in the late afternoon warmth and got to meet some new members who brought their newly purchased car, a 1965 Rambler Classic with custom flamed paint... FLAMES? EEEEKKK!

They were a bit nervous about the reaction of the other members to the way-out paint job, but were welcomed with open arms and some very humorous comments, along with a close inspection of course.

That's the nature of the Club's Members, friendly and open to new things and that is a deliberate President's Policy to encourage new (and younger) members into the club.

The quiet drinks is a usual fare for the beginning of events, and so are the practical jokes! Wigs and all!

Saturday morning saw a very decorative display of empty cans on the running boards of one "old girl".

The breakfasts were the ruination of the day for some of us, stumbling out of the dining room with full bellies and peaceful smiles on our mugs!

The rooms were fine for a weekend where we expected to be out and about seeing the many sights (and shops) of the area.

Saturday morning was set for a retail therapy morning of shops and coffee in Katoomba for the Ladies. 

That was going fine until someone mentioned a cakes and coffee cafe where they had breakfast on the way that morning. 

That was the end of the shopping... 

For the blokes, a visit to the Mt Victoria Trains, Planes & Automobiles Museum. 

We met a couple of later arrivals at Mt Victoria and had a good look around at the items in the museum. 

Many memories of Dinky toys, Meccano sets, and train sets. Some of us were of course, too young to remember stuff like that...but not many of us!

Saturday afternoon we met at the Katoomba Golf Club for a light lunch and a heavy chat! That went on for a while, and some very serious discussions appeared to occur.

We then went to an historic and heritage listed house called Leuralla, set in 12 acres of beautiful gardens. The house was a delight to see, as it is also the NSW Toy & Railway Museum.

There was a great collection of old time toys, especially tin ones. The garden has many seats retrieved from defunct railway stations with their names still proudly displayed on them. 

An abundance of rail relics and memorabilia made for a fantastic afternoon. 

After Leuralla, most people did a bit of cruising or shopping in the Historic District of Katoomba and some went back to the motel for a relax in preparation for dinner that night.

Dinner on Saturday night was at the Katoomba Golf Club and a great feed was had. Drinks and a dance went on into the night and even out onto the balcony!

Sunday morning after another amazing breakfast, we packed, paid and "pinged off"... to the Edge Theatre to see a movie about the Blue Mountains on a screen 6 stories high. It caused some woozy heads for a while.

An impromptu car show was held in the parking lot with lots of passers by taking photos or tooting their horns, and some staff from the theatre taking pics too.

Some people left for home after the movie and a bit of posing for the cameras. Others meandered around Katoomba and Blackheath in the antique shops. A wonderful weekend and many thanks to the "Pres" and his wife Wendy for organising the weekend.

Following are some photos from The Presidents Weekend Run 2009.

Ahhh...the 60's...

New hub centres...hmmm will it catch on?

Oooh...Flames! C'mon... Cool it baby.

Classic lines...

More classic lines