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1939 Hudson Coupe…in Argentina !

It started with the following email to our Club President Tony…

Dear Tony,

My name is Brian Canale from Argentina. I am a happy owner of a 1939 Hudson 112 coupe. My congratulations for your website, I found it very interesting and useful for a Hudson enthusiastic like me. I am writing to you because my car is really odd here in my country. So I can´t find bibliography and any information about it. Since I want to bring the original style back to my car (in order it recovers the look it used to have in its golden years), I will appreciate so much if you can help me with any kind of information you have (about engine, body parts, history, etc.) , or just say me who can help me with information about the 112 coupe. You can find some pics of my car as attached files .Kind regards from Mar del Plata, Argentina,


Tony responded and we got the story and pictures as follows...

Dear Tony,

I am sending the story and pics of me and my 1939 Hudson coupe, I really would be pleased if you run my story in your club´s magazine.

Please let me know how to get the magazine number in case the story were published. You can count on me as your club´s friend in this part of the world. Please feel free to write to me if I can be helpful to you.

Here my story is:

Love at first sight – The 1939 Hudson coupe and me

By Brian Canale, Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Our story started as a love at first sight, twenty years ago, when I saw my 1939 Hudson 112 coupe for the first time. At those days I had finished restoring my first car, a 1947 Chevrolet pickup, with which I frequently used to attend classic automobiles meetings. At the moment I saw the incredible Hudson coupe, I was shocked and knew that someday she would be mine.

Many years passed and, although I wanted to buy her at several times, the owner’s refusal made me lose any chance and all my hope.  That is what, for a long time, I had lost sight of that fantastic vehicle. But last year, when I was looking for a family car, I saw the Hudson suddenly entering in the parking lot of a supermarket. I was excited for the car of my dreams. Amazingly, it was nearly in the same state that I had seen it many years ago!

After talking with the owner, I insisted with the purchase and managed to get his phone. Since then, the man received my call every week, during the following months… until I achieved for him to sell me the Hudson.

I am currently trying to gather the accessories that I need to complete it and bring its golden years look back. The coupe has a slant six engine which is a little more modern and reliable than the original, while maintaining its prime line.  Here, in Mar del Plata, the Hudson is very rare and unusual brand car and my coupe is the only one of the city.





I send a big hug to all Australian lovers of the Hudson !

Certainly a beautiful car and very well presented.

On behalf of our Club, thanks for sharing this with us Brian.

For those interested in communicating with Brian, his email address is briancanale@hotmail.com