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Romanian Nash !

Below is from an email we received at the Club addresses. It is from a gentleman in Romania. The spread and the use of the Internet is amazing. I have not edited it or corrected any grammar, I offer it as is. I thought it was worth sharing with everyone. I wrote back and his response is below the photo…those bloody Hudson/Nash cars were everywhere! … Glenn

28 February 1942 – Romania Mr. GAVRIL GAVRILITA- Professional driver, Professional engineer. This photo was found in the house by me it's my grandfather in 28 February 1942.I offer this photo to all enthusiasts ones, lovely from my grandfather from heaven. Greetings from Romania-Bucharest


Mr. Glenn,
I am enchanted that you liked seeing the photo with my Grandfather and his magnificent Nash Lafayette, which I sent to you. Concerning the ice (frozen mud), it is due to the low temperature during February month. The picture is not taken in the farmland. It is taken at the opening of the bridge over Nistru river from Tighina district, at the north-east of Romania, situated at about 550 km from Bucharest. That District was part of the Romania's territory till 1944 when it was attached to U.S.S.R. ( Russia). Beginning with 1991 this district is part of the Independent Republic of Moldavia. The bridge, at which opening my Grandfather took part, is visible  in the photo's background. My Grandfather was born in 10th  December 1910 in the nearby of Tighina district. In  October 1928 he came in the capital of Romania Bucharest and subscribed at the school of professional drivers "AUTOTRACTIUNEA", situated in Sabinelor street, no 46. The specialized courses were till November 1929 when he sustained the exams and obtained the driving licence for motorbikes, cars and trucks ( A , B , C, categories). In 1941 my Grandfather obtained at the same school a diploma of  first class engineer mechanic-auto. This diploma has photo and stamps since 1941  and I can send it too. The school 'AUTOTRACTIUNEA" disappeared in 1944 during the explosions of the war planes. I found more photos, which I didn't publish till now with Grandfather and Packard cars , I offer them with pleasure, in the memory  of my Grandfather, a man who raised the passion for motorcycles, cars and trucks to the level of the ART. A real man, with a big heart, this was my dear Grandpa. My Grandfather's name was  GAVRIIL GAVRILITA,, my mother's father. My name ( his grandson) is IURII CUZMIN born in Bucharest , 21st. July 1967. Romania Bucharest ,Serg. Nitu Vasile street, No. 56, Bl.9,ap.37,sector 4. On the back of the photo my Grandfather wrote : " Amintire de la Inaugurarea Podului de peste Nistru din Jud. Tighina- 28 Februarie 1942" ( " Memory from the opening of the bridge over Nistru from Tighina district-  28th february 1942) When you publish the photo , please write the text let by my Grandfather in Romanian language ,in his memory.! Friendly for all those passioned by motorcyclys,cars and trucks in the world, from my Grandfather.

Iurii Cuzmin Romania Bucharest