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1965 Rambler Classic 660 (666)

Simon Hilton

Formerly owned by Owned by Glenn and Dianne Longbottom

Simon bought this car in about June 2011 and it now resides in Canberra.

The following is the story from the former owners.

Our "Flaming" Classic was purchased in about February last year from Dale and Vicki Huggard in Shepparton Victoria.

Dale had rebuilt the car as a project with his son who sadly decided he wanted a "buzz box" Subaru thingy or something like that, after the car was completed. He had it on E-bay for a fair while as a lot of people were frightened off by the flames. Most advice I got at the time was similar, "oooh flames, you don't want flames!" After going back to it a dozen times we finally decided it was our car! Bugger the reactions, it was our money and life is short folks!  

It is actually a very pretty colour combination as you can see, and most Club Members who have seen it are complimentary. There may be a few purists who think it is a disgrace, but "them is the breaks!" You can't please everyone. All I can say is that we have a ball in it. Recently someone asked me what it was like driving it as far as peoples reactions. My comment? It is like driving around with George Burns on the bonnet,...everyone smiles at you or give the thumbs up, and all ages react like that.

The builder had bought it off an employee who bought it from the original Shepparton owner, it was a good straight clean car to start with. The colour is a Harley Davidson colour and the flames are 2 Pak paint not decals.

Motor is standard 287, but has loud twin exhaust and it also sits very low. Not comfortable on long trips, and we have been on some. Camden to Forbes and Parkes this last month and several trips between the two towns for the Elvis Festival, and several trips into Sydney. It runs lovely but is rough on the road. Update: 16 Jan - Spent today with Rohan and put original springs back into the car all round. It now rides beautiful, but sits a lot higher. I think it still looks OK.

It has a thermo fan and an in-line water pump on the bottom hose, and runs nice and cool mostly. Lots of chrome on the motor. Also an electric fuel pump.

American Independents Day at Linnwood House Parramatta


Club members bought me the flamed shirt!

  Fletch from Classic Restos the TV show did a short segment on the car at Linnwood House.   
  At the Parkes Elvis Revival Festival, January 2010 dressed to suit!

A BIG hit in the parade!

Club President, Tony and Fred and Allan wore the same flamed shirts and escorted the car in the parade with 2 "chicky babes" Wendy and Gerry boogying along behind.

At the Shannon's Eastern Creek Classic Car Show 2009

At left, on Eastern Creek main strait, going too fast for the camera?

  At Trunkey Creek Wool and Horse Show 2009.

A small town 50km south of Bathurst NSW with population of 51 but 1,500 came to the agricultural show that day.

At right, parked in the scrub at our farm stay accommodation.