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1928 Hudson Super Six

Pat & John Killalea – 1928 Hudson Super Six, Seven Passenger Sedan


Most people in our Club know the “Twins” Pat and John, or John & Pat, (never knew who came first!). Larger than life and full of enthusiasm, the Killalea Boys are very proud of their Hudson and have good reason to be, it is beautiful. The Editor first met them at Katoomba and enjoyed their mischievous company immensely, as everybody who meets them does. I have it on good authority that they are known to occasionally swap name tags, without a glimmer of a smile of wink! Residents of Coogee, I know no more of their history, (maybe it’s a mysterious and wonderful story) but I will follow this with a letter that is shown on the window of the car when it is on display. The letter is from the owner that Pat & John, John & Pat bought the car from.

Badges on the car.

Supplied By McLeods Garage Ltd Coogee


Body Design by
Murphy Pasadena

McLeods Garage Coogee

  • Use only Texaco Products

  • Engine: Texaco Motor Oil Heavy

  • Transmission: Texaco Thuban Compound

  • Change Oil Every 1000 Miles

The Purchase and Finding of My Hudson – May 1972

Vic Berg

It has been 12 months since I acquired my 1928 Super Six Hudson 7 passenger Sedan. It was quite a surprise really how I came across it. I went to visit an old friend about 4 miles away from my home, something I have often done over the last three years. He had always been interested in old cars and had collected a few over the years.

After spending some time there he said to me that he had a surprise in the garage for me and to come and see it. On entering, there it was, in all it’s beauty, standing graciously. After drooling over it for some time, I asked if it was for sale. He replied that he didn’t think so but he would think about it.

After 3 months of constant negotiation I finally became the owner. Driving it home was a grand experience for me even though the old car was only firing on 5 cylinders, she drove beautifully.

I have found out since, that the car was sold and serviced by McLeods of Coogee, an old Hudson and Essex dealer back in 1928, so I suppose it is only fitting that the old beauty has come back near to where she was bought and serviced.

Regarding the mechanical side of the car, I have renewed all the inner and outer wheel racers, all new valves, new timing chain, remade starter gear which was slipping badly, remade pedal shaft, had the starter and generator overhauled, also distributor and radiator cleaned out and overhauled. Apart from other small items on the mechanical side she was pretty good.

Body wise she had a few bumps and dents, mainly in the guards, the only rusted section was the running boards, of which I had two new ones made, also had to replace some timbers in the roof bearers as over the years the dampness had penetrated the fabric.

I have now reached the painting stage which I have nearly completed, then the then the trimmer to trim the fabric top, and for me to assemble it together and just wait that final day when I drive it out…a moment to remember!

The “Donk”, oil can handy!

Gangster Cool…

Hmmm…no comment! On display at Eastern Creek 2009 (100 Years Of Hudson)