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1964 Rambler Classic 660

This 1964 V8 Rambler Classic 660 was purchased new on 31st July 1964 from Purnell Motors Arncliffe by Dr Patrick Cunningham of Blakehurst and still has its original registration No. AKU-795. The car is in very original but excellent condition for its age.

The Classic 660 is powered by a 287 V8 motor; it has a 112” wheelbase.
The 1964 Classic 660 V8 Serial Nos started at ZK11001 and “Doc” is numbered ZK12131.

Ready to Parade in Parkes at the Elvis Festival

The Rambler was used by “Dr Pat” for his medical rounds in the Hurstville area for about 40 years. Dr Pat aged 82, retired in 2008 and decided to sell the Rambler as he felt it was too powerful for him these days.

Apparently the Rambler is very well known in the Hurstville area, as we are often approached by people who recognise it as Dr Pat’s Rambler. When Pat was at his surgery, he parked the Rambler in a carport there every day. We were told a story by Pat’s wife about the day a mechanic was taking it for a test drive after servicing, and the mechanic was not recognised by the taxi drivers of the area. The taxi drivers ambushed the car and made it stop as they thought someone had stolen Doc’s car. The mechanic had to verify to the taxi drivers where he worked etc before they would let him go.

Recently I had the car in Smeaton Grange near Narellan and I was followed back to Camden by a fellow in a red Ute. I drove the car into my work car park and the fellow walked up the drive, he said “I am here to check on Doc’s car”. He had recognised the Rambler and wanted to check it out, as he was the fellow that used to refuel the Rambler for Pat at the South Hurstville garage for nearly 20 years. At last year’s NRMA Motorfest we were approached by a fellow who had been the mechanic that had serviced the car for 12 years.

Dr Pat was very particular when it came to his Rambler, and wanted to ensure we did all the things he did with the car. Pat gave us every invoice for every service or repair that was ever done on the Rambler. So particular in fact, he typed out on his manual typewriter, instructions for us on how to start the car and other “important” details like how much air pressure is required for the tyres. Dr Pat has full visiting rights to the Rambler and we are delighted that we became the second owners.

The Rambler certainly gives us great pleasure, as it is used for many trips and events.

Boop, as in - …Betty Boop!…

Those Yanks certainly knew how to do Chrome!

The smooth and beautiful lines characteristic of the ‘60’s Ramblers.

On the main straight at Eastern Creek…swift AND sleek baby…Strewth,…what would the Doc say!