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Some Historical Articles and Photos

Pre 1920 Cars

1909 Rambler

1919 Essex Tourer

   A History of a Hudson Car

Photos of vehicle delivery trucks, circa 1930?

Dalgetty Car Sales Showrooms

AMI in Australia - The Start

How J L Hudson Changed The Way We Shop

1920 to 1930

1926 Hudson Sedan

1922 Essex 4 Roadster


1931 to 1940

1934 Terraplane Sedan

1934 Hudson 8 Coupe


A street scene from the 1940's, with a '42 Hudson second from the left.

1941 to 1950

1942 Hudson Brougham

1948 Hudson "Stepdown"


1951 to 1960

1954 Hudson Hornet Sedan

1957 Hudson Hornet Custom V8


1961 to 1970


1965 Rambler Classic 660 Sedan

1963 Rambler Classic Cross Country Wagon

Some Step Down Bodies Being Delivered To…where? Any ideas? Is it in the factory grounds maybe?

1971 to 1980

1971 Rambler Matador Sedan

1976 Rambler Matador Wagon

From a reader who wants to know how to remove the steering wheel from his Terraplane. Shown here.
The contributor of this picture thought it might be a repairable wreck these days, what do you think?

It WAS a 1936 Hudson 8 cylinder Roadster.

Don't see any airbag though…


Should look something like this!


This reader wants to know how to get his wipers to go faster and the demister working!


Spotted hanging around out West….
A poor old Huddy Ambulance!




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