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HUDSON-AMC National Rally

The Hudson, Essex, Terraplane, Nash, Rambler, AMC National Rally was held in Canberra Australian Capital Territory in October 2012.
We had people from South Australia, Victoria and Queensland as well as a large New South Wales contingent.
All marques were represented and some wonderful examples were displayed and driven to and during the rally.

Well…look at the smiling faces on this lot! No wonder, it was a great rally and everyone seemed to have a smile on their mugs all the time. We are very sorry for those that could not make it for one reason or another, but it was a good week for those that did make it. The rally cars are in the background in age order…the people are not in age order…that created too many arguments!... Oh and Fred has not collapsed, he is just a tart!


Sunday  Gift Bag packing and Registration day and arrival of attendees. Rego was in the Eagle Hawk pub next door to our motel, Rydges Eagle Hawk Resort. The bag packers and rego team are pictured, and some of the attendees. Dinner was loud and lots of catching up done by people who had not seen each other since the last rally.


Off at 8:30 for muster and instructions, then to Gold Creek for a tour of Cockington Green and the craft shops.
Lunch at the local pub. Then Old Parliament House now called the Museum of Australian Democracy.

Whistling them in for Muster and the day's instructions...

A few people were shrunk to have a better look at the model cars...

Some old girls in front of Old Parliament House.

Carrying the Rod into Parliament on the left and Sweet Knees having a spell on the right...

Monday evening road cruise – we did a night cruise along the lake edge and to the Carillon and the National Police Memorial. This was a highlight of the rally for many people and a very moving ceremony when Les Pendlebury as our longest serving member laid a wreath on the rally participants behalf. It turned out that there were four couples there who had some family connection to Police services. An Australian Federal Police Sergeant gave a very interesting presentation on the memorial.                 …..then the Piper played…


Muster and off to the Parliamentary area for gallery visits and then to the Australian Museum and later on the Film & Sound Archives and a film on the Redex Trials of the 1950’s. Some Terraplane sightings too. Lots of traffic for the oldies to negotiate too.
Tuesday evening Trivia Challenge No there were no cheats! Supposedly! Phones were confiscated by the lovely hostesses.


Off to the War memorial and a free afternoon. That evening an auction of …of… stuff! Sorta car related?



Long cruise day, to Lake George and then to Wamboin St Andrews church for morning tea (scrumptious!) and Bungendore and Queanbeyan where we visited a nursing home and a local museum.

On a downhill stretch towards Bungendore.

Lined up for the local Bungendore School kids to see. They were rev heads! Yelling and cheering for more loud revving! It was a real thrill to see their excited faces.
At Bungendore Railway Station


Road cruise on a complete circle of Lake Burley Griffin, with stops at Mt Pleasant Lookout in Duntroon Village, Black Mountain Peninsula, Government House and Weston Park for lunch, before a tour of the War memorial Annexe warehouse and then the formal Rally Dinner that night…a black & white theme. A presentation by a relation of Kevin Hickling on his 1937 MG SA on the Peking to Paris rally.                 Music, speeches and lots of chatting.
Mt Pleasant Lookout and Artillery Memorial

Lunch near Lake Burley Griffin

Dunrossil Drive leading to Government House

Rally Dinner


The Rally Dinner Fashion In The Paddock Parade…
Yes Alan won it in his Boardies of course. Elegant lot eh?

The guest speakers, Cathy and Harry Hickling outside the Rally Dinner room with their MG

Birthday and Anniversary toasts!

The famous “Hudsonettes” belting out another …er…alleged tune?

The Rally Participant's cars...the real stars of the week...

That was the end of the Rally for 2012, and we look forward to Queensland in 2014.